September Update part one.

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

After a lot of careful thought, I have implemented a new price structure for my throwing knives. so, effective immediately the new prices are in effect.
Due to the flood of cheap imports and other knives available at half the cost of my knives, I can no longer compete with these lesser priced knives. Everything from the cost of the steel from the mill, shipping to my laser cutter and then to my shop has gone up in price.
I then have to perform a couple of process’ and then send them off to a commercial heat treating facility and back to my shop. None of this is inexpensive for the amount of knives that I make each year.
I also go thru at least four different grits of grinding belts and then the final polish on the buffer to achieve the standards that I set for my knives to insure that my customers get the best product that I am able to offer.
With the proliferation of cheap throwers flooding the market, the custom knife market is not that large to absorb the influx of these knives.
I refuse to cut corners just to compete. My knives are guaranteed for life and have stood the test of time and I try to let them speak for themselves.
I hope that my current customers and future customers feel that my knives are worth the few extra dollars.


Bobby Branton


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