October 2014 update

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

This in in response from my friend across the pond, John Taylor. Making throwing knives only for a living can be a risky proposition if you need to feed a family and pay bills. Even the owner of Tru Balance Knife Company kept his business as a part time venture, but was able to produce more by outsourcing a lot of the steps required to manufacture a quality throwing knife. I do everything myself except the heat treating which would not be cost effective due to the amount of knives that I produce.
That being said, add in days where you have to do family stuff or a slight illness or work related injuries like pulling a back muscle etc can set you back for a couple of weeks with no income coming in. Making knives in general is risky business unless you have been fortunate to build up a customer base over the years and have the ability to add to that customer base. I have been very blessed that I have been able to do so for over thirty years and for ten years on a full time basis. I was able to weather the storm of the bad economy because we live pretty simple to begin with. We sacrifice having nice cars, trucks and a lot of the luxuries to be able to do this. I will always make throwing knives because I have a passion for making them and I enjoy seeing new as well as a seasoned knife throwers using my knives with great results.
I have also been fortunate to become friends with some of the finest knife makers in the country and some who live out of the country. I have been able to learn how to make different types of knives as well as learn new techniques. I can make more money making those types of knives.

I am working on a way to balance my passion with what helps pays the bills and will allow us to prepare a little more for some sort of retirement for my wife. I will probably continue to make knives as long as I am physically able, but I want my wife to be able to retire one day and not have to continue to work into her seventies like a lot of people have to do. Another plus is my wife is a great worker and will probably help me in the shop as long as she is able. She has a great eye for detail and is one of my biggest critics and supporters. We would work together well as a team.

Anyway, back to your question regarding what I am going to be working on. I have orders that would stretch out over a couple of years for folders and fixed blades. I want to be able to manage my time to work on certain knives during regular hours and work on throwing knives maybe at the end of my work day.
In a perfect world without sickness and distractions, this would work, but we do not live in a perfect world and I’ll have to manage my time more effectively to be able to do what I need to accomplish this. So, here are a few pics of different knives that I will be spending more time on in addition to making throwing knives. I’m doing this now, but not enough. I have some very cool stuff going on behind the scenes that I hope to be able to share soon, so stay tuned.
. West Wind folder



red-Neck barlow

Raider 4.0 folder and Transition folder

Raider 4.0 folder and Transition folder


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