Memories in Steel

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ever since man fashioned that first cutting tool, the quest to build a better cutting tool has been the focus of many men and women through the years. From the earliest pioneers like William Scagel, Bo Randall, Bill Moran and Rudy Ruana to name a few. The quest to make the best knives available has become a passion for many Knife makers.
Unfortunately, as time moves forward we are losing more and more of these men and women who have been the inspiration for the younger generation of knife makers.
As time moves forward, and the next generation of makers emerge, there will be a couple of generations of young men and women who have no idea who these men and women are or know anything about the beautiful knives that they crafted with their own hands.
This web site is my attempt to make sure that these men and women are never forgotten and that their work will live on forever in the pages of this website.
This web site will be a work in progress for many years and it will be a labor of love. Due to financial and time constraints I will have to pay people to help organize the pages, write the bios, scan pictures and articles to memorialize these great men and women who have worked so hard for many years to produce some of the best knives that the world has ever seen. I know times are tough and if you want to read about these men and woman, please contribute what you can using the Pay Pal button below or send a check or money order to the address provided.
If you know of a maker who name is not listed or if you see any information that is not correct, please feel free to contact me at the mail address below.
Help us to spread the word with this website.

Bobby Branton


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